Yung Simmie – 3 In 1 (Freestyle) (Simmie Season 2 Mixtape)

[Verse 1: Yung Simmie]
Fake niggas will never know realer
Ape shit like I hang with gorillas
Niggas talk hard they ain’t no killer
‘Til we pull up like "Hey lil’ nigga"
No like halo nigga
Extendos at yo’ halo nigga
Yeah I smoke but I don’t do swishers
Smokin’ moon rocks I moon walk like "Thriller"
My bitch white so I am that nigga
I pill up the block layin’ shots out the window
You can’t keep up ’cause yo’ ends low
I gotta be myself niggas copy like ten fold
I go hard but I make it look simple
I gave that bitch back she was somethin’ like a rental
I don’t wanna fuck, give me dental
If her ex here he get whipped with a pistol
So don’t diss me I don’t diss you
Ain’t talkin’ money I’ma have to dismiss you
Niggas sayin’ what they won’t do
Playin’ both sides but I been with the same crew
Been sippin’ drank, I be smokin’ stain
Nigga fuck beer I don’t do the brew
I be in the cut, rollin’ up the weed
Smokin’ by myself I won’t smoke with you
You ain’t from my hood what you doin’ on my block boy?
You lookin’ unusual
A suspect, and I make my hoes upset
If I don’t give ’em dick, they gon’ protest
I’m a jerk, no reject
Gettin’ to the money ’cause I need that
Pull up on yo’ block if you late where my green at?

[Verse 2: Lil Dred]
I be on the block where you can’t come
Catch you slippin’ on the block where you ain’t from
Once you hear them shots then you can’t run
Smooth criminal, like "Where the fuck he came from?"
Steph Curry nigga check out where I aim from
Ridin’ ’round with three Ks no handguns
KKK I’ma hang some
Hellboy, where you think I got this flame from?
Fuck boy, where you think I got this chain from?
If you lookin’ like a lick we gon’ take some
Head cracked like dice I’ma shake some
If I hit ’em with the right I’ma break somethin’
Once they see you tryna win now the hate comin’
I just play the back scene I don’t say nothin’
Yeah he doin’ a lot of talkin’ but he stay frontin’
Since you niggas wanna quack I will duck hunt

[Verse 3: Nell]
Feelin’ like motherfuck a hater
Type of nigga pull up all black like a raider
Type of shots loud enough to shake the equator
Killer clan coward talkin’ cut like a sabertooth
Whenever we aim at you, bitch we be buck
Pull up I’m a truck whenever we hit ’em up
Fuck nigga give it up, we deep like a sativa
Never gave a fuck ’bout a nigga so we thuggin’ when they see us
We just in a different city rollin’ weed up
Play my music for his girl and now she wanna meet us
In the hood smokin’ good throwin’ triple Cs up
Bitch you can give my dick a kiss
Nigga you can get with this
Mac shit, trill shit
Tryna act like Kill Bill in a field, bet a nigga get killed quick
Broke a nigga down for them pounds and them millions
Money, motivation, and Miami make us kill shit

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