XXXTENTACION – Infinity 888 (ft. Prince Climes) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Prince Climes]
He whispers “All these niggas done”
As he loading his gun
He takes a quick look at sun
Then fires and runs
He never turns back
Never turns back and worries
About how this boys family
Gone be hurting and crying
But see dis a normal life in Brooklyn
Where people gotta watch out for
Thugs and Crooks an
Niggas with hoodies waiting and
Waiting and waiting and waiting for people
To come walk up and go snatch at their baggy
Life’s hard but fighting seems to be harder
And if you don’t believe me
Go take a look at Vince Carter
And even Obama
I just want you to know that world is crazy
That’s why so many fathers our here neglecting their baby
Ain’t been a minute and i’m killing
I’ll keep spitting
Some people call me a villian
I guess that means im winning
They see the
And opportunities
Go and drop all that bafoolary
Cause homie
You ain’t stopping me

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