Wiz Khalifa – Flamboyant Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Tuki Carter]
Look, look
I make everyday my best day, I press play
It’s my prerogative like Bobby Brown from back in the day
We Taylor like the chucks from back in the day for basketball play
I’m player, I got 7 basketball booties 24 hours a day
7 is a god number, 7 means strength
But it took you 7 days to find out you weak as a bitch
I’m wide open like the open ocean, keep your mind focused
(Keep your mind focused, keep your mind focused)
I got so high one day that I thought Monday was Saturday
I’m so Taylored I talk like [?] like NFL on Sunday
My [?] infinite like [?] jump in it
Sponsored by Reebok so you know there’s a bump
In it
But I’m an artist, never starving, paint to carving
I got my eyes on the prize [?] like some [?]
I’m so cool, whipping through [?]
Tuki Carter’s my name brand but I ain’t happened over name brands
Don’t stop it, I flex it, I cop it
It’s Taylor Gang over everything like ’02
It’s Tuki [?] I don’t know you, owe you

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Pull up stoned, my niggas at the pull up zone
Pulled out the cars, niggas pull out their phones
I’m tryna hit, baby first give me dome
We make the best of our time alone
What we do next, nobody know
Get my check then I gotta go
I’m in a new city, new state
Bout my money so I can’t be too late
Roll a joint, take it to the face
I’m with a chick, don’t even know her race
Question my gang, I say “We going places”
Don’t have to play cause they know our faces
I got credit, nigga dead that shit
And I ain’t worried bout the paper cause I get that shit
And ain’t no point in looking back cause I’m ahead of you pricks
I’m getting cheddar and my whips is better and my bitch a ten
You ain’t throwing up the gang then we don’t comprehend
If we ain’t come up from the mud then you not my friend
Either you got a pound of weed or you got some gin
I get it poppin’ soon as the show’s over, them draws dropping
They don’t got to ask around, they just know I’m hot
I’m wheeling dirt bikes or somewhere smoking pot
Tripping on how close you got and got a culture shot

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