Will the New Year’s holidays be extended for schoolchildren?

The Ministry of Education has no plans to extend the winter holidays in schools due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by head of department Sergey Kravtsov.

“As for the extension of the (winter) holidays due to the pandemic, this is not planned, we are not discussing this issue,” “mdash; & nbsp; Kravtsov told reporters.

In what format will study at schools begin in January?

The Minister noted that the educational process is planned to be resumed on time and in full-time format. The remote format is possible only in exceptional cases related to the spread of COVID-19. & Nbsp;

“ Until we see any situation to use this format or extend the holidays '', & mdash; added Kravtsov.

How long will the winter holidays in Russian schools last?

According to the established schedule, & nbsp; winter holidays in Russian schools will last from December 29 to January 8. At the same time, as noted by Kravtsov, the regions have the right to start their holidays earlier due to the epidemiological situation. Several regions have already done this, for example, the Moscow authorities recommend that schools go on vacation from December 27.

“ As for the rest of the regions, it is very individual here, we see that the holidays start according to the schedule for the whole country. '' ;, & mdash; said the head of the Ministry of Education.

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