Why did the Russian woman file a lawsuit against Garik Kharlamov for one million rubles?

Blogger Anna Polyakova filed a lawsuit with the Meshchansky Court of Moscow for the protection of honor and dignity against the showman Garik Kharlamov, the program «Comedy Club» and TNT channel. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the court. The statement of claim was registered on January 19 of the current year. The trial will begin in two weeks.

“The hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for February 14,” — said the source of the agency.

What does Polyakov accuse Kharlamov of, «Comedy Club» and the TNT channel?

According to the press service of the Meshchansky Court, Polyakova considered it illegal to use her photograph in one of the episodes of the Comedy Club program. According to MK, we are talking about a release that went on the air back in 2020. Resident «Comedy Club» Kharlamov used a picture of a blogger in his miniature. What kind of picture was shown in the show and how Polyakova was depicted on it is not specified. The woman claims that she did not consent to the use of her own image. And when she saw herself on the TV screen, it “wounded her mentally”, notes “MK”.

What does Polyakova want to achieve through the court?

The blogger considered the publication of the photo a violation of her rights and an invasion of privacy. She demands to recover one million rubles from Garik Kharlamov, TNT and the humorous program for compensation for moral damage, as well as a public apology from the defendant. In addition, Polyakova insists on deleting the video with her image, RIA Novosti was told in the Meshchansky Court. 

Who is Anna Polyakova?

According to media reports, Anna Polyakova is a Muscovite and leads her own social media blog. There is no detailed information about her. Subscribers to one popular celebrity Instagram account suggested that Polyakova's lawsuit against Kharlamov and TNT — it's just a publicity stunt. 

“I'm the only one who doesn't know who she is?” — one of the subscribers wrote.

“The information was taken from open sources. It is strange to drive a barrel because someone used her photo, — said another.

«When you really want to be known. If it were not for Garik, then no one would have known who Anna Polyakova was, — a subscriber added under the publication about the lawsuit against Kharlamov. 

How did Kharlamov and TNT management react to Polyakova's lawsuit?

Garik Kharlamov and representatives of the TV channel have not yet commented on this incident.


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