Why did Stalin’s great-grandson demand the exhumation of the remains of the leader of the USSR?

Lawyer & nbsp; Yulia Verbitskaya-Linnik , representing the interests of Joseph Stalin's great-grandson, & nbsp; Selim Bensaad , sent a petition to the Moscow Kremlin Commandant's Service to exhume Stalin's remains. & nbsp ;

In this document, the great-grandson of the secretary general demands to reburial Stalin & nbsp; from a burial near the Kremlin & nbsp; at the Novodevichy cemetery. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the press attaché of Stalin's great-grandson & nbsp; Vadim Gorzhankin . & Nbsp; & nbsp;

What does the statement say?

In a statement that was & nbsp; sent on November 18 & nbsp; at 11 Manezhnaya Street, Stalin's great-grandson & nbsp; Bensaad Selim Khosinovich asks & nbsp; to consider the possibility of exhumating the remains. & Nbsp; In accordance with Articles 1, 6, 7 of the Federal Law “ On Burial and funeral business '', the Russian Federation establishes guarantees for the burial of the deceased, taking into account the expression of the will expressed during life and the wishes of his relatives.

Stalin's relative attached a birth certificate to the document, proving family ties. & nbsp;

Why does the great-grandson insist on the exhumation? & nbsp;

The great-grandson asks to fulfill the posthumous will of the secretary general and wants to find out the official cause of Stalin's death, says the press attaché. According to Gorzhankin, during his lifetime, Stalin repeatedly asked to be buried at the Novodevichy cemetery, where the ashes of his second wife Nadezhda Alillueva rest. However, his posthumous will was not fulfilled. & Nbsp; Now Selim insists on reburying his great-grandfather in this & nbsp; cemetery. & Nbsp;

Selim believes (and this is true) that the posthumous will of his great-grandfather was not fulfilled. Let me remind you that in 1953, the sarcophagus with Stalin's body was placed in the Mausoleum, on Red Square in Moscow '', & mdash; Gorzhankin quoted the lawyer's words, pointing out that in 1961 the remains of the Soviet leader were secretly reburied at the foot of the Kremlin wall without any consent of his relatives.

Who is & nbsp; Selim Bensaad?

Selim Bensaad & mdash; & nbsp; the grandson of Stalin's son Yakov Dzhugashvili , who was captured and died during the Great Patriotic War in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. & nbsp; Selim was born in the union of his daughter & nbsp; Galina Dzhugashvili & nbsp; and the citizen of Algeria Hosin Bensaad , whom Galina met in Moscow. In 1971 they had a son. As a result of the mistake of obstetricians, the child received a serious injury to the facial nerve, and later it turned out that he suffers from a progressive disease of the hearing organs. The child's mother turned to Brezhnev with a request to release her and Selim to France for examination at the clinic, where his hearing could be saved. But these requests were not satisfied. & Nbsp; The Council of Ministers of the USSR decided to provide treatment for the child at home, but it was not possible to save his hearing.

In 1988, Selim was first allowed to go abroad, to his relatives in Algeria. However, his relationship with his father did not work out. In 1991, when a change of government took place in Algeria and the Islamization of the country began, Selim's father moved to Russia.

Earlier it was reported that Selim was actually homeless after a conflict with his father. A descendant of the Soviet leader claims that at one time he was forced to spend the night in his own car after his father changed the locks in the Moscow apartment in which he is registered. As noted by the press attaché, the conflict in the family intensified due to the release of the book, one of the authors of which was Bensaad Jr. & nbsp;

According to Gorzhankin, the & nbsp; book & nbsp; Secrets of the Stalin Family, written by & nbsp; Russian-American journalist Lana Parshina , author of the books The Death of Hitler '', 'The Secret of the Stalin Family. Confession of the last of Dzhugashvili '' and Selim Bensaad, contains information about Stalin's will. & nbsp;

According to Parshina, before her death, Galina Dzhugashvili signed a will, according to which she transferred all her property to her husband Hosin Bensaad, who lives at the address that she had occupied since 1947. After the death of his mother, Selim, in order to have access to the apartment where he was born and raised, was forced to conclude an amicable agreement, according to which he could not even use an electric kettle. In 2008, Selim managed to sue the obligatory share in his mother's apartment in court. But & nbsp; Bensaad Sr. changed the locks in the Moscow apartment in which Selim is registered.

Now Stalin's great-grandson lives in Ryazan & nbsp; in a house on Novatorov Street. & Nbsp; On the recommendation of lawyer Yulia Verbitskaya, he left there in 2019. Together with his wife, they live with the wife's parents.

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