Vucic announced plans to increase purchases of Russian gas by one and a half times

Serbia will ask Russia to increase gas supplies to 3 billion cubic meters. m per year. The contract expires at the end of this year. Earlier Vucic said that he was not satisfied with the new formula for calculating gas prices proposed by Moscow

Aleksandr Vucic

Serbia is considering buying 3 billion cubic meters each. m of Russian gas annually for ten years, President of the Republic Aleksandr Vucic said on the Happy TV channel.

He recalled that now Serbia buys Russian gas at $ 270 per 1,000 cubic meters. m, the contract expires at the end of the year. Along with this, it has to additionally import 3-4 million cubic meters. gas per day, Vucic said.

At the same time, the exchange prices for gas in Europe are at a high level, and “ today there are additional difficulties, '' he said. German authorities have suspended certification of Nord Stream 2 '', and gas prices suddenly jumped from $ 960 to $ 1140 '', & mdash; the president recalled.

At the same time, gas consumption is growing. For example, in mid-October, the Banatski Dvor storage facility had 263 million cubic meters. meters of gas, and now there are 161 million cubic meters. m, said Vucic. In this regard, Serbia intends to increase the volume of gas supplies from Russia.

“ We will ask the President [of Russia Vladimir] Putin to provide us with 3 billion cubic meters per year, '' & mdash; said Vucic.

The agreement on the supply of Russian gas to Serbia has been in effect since 2012. Since 2017, the volume of supplies has been increased from 1.5 billion cubic meters. m up to 2 billion cubic meters. m per year. The agreement expires at the end of 2021.

Vucic has repeatedly stated Serbia's desire to extend a long-term contract with Russia for gas supplies, but at the current price of $ 270 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. However, Moscow offered to calculate the cost of gas according to a new formula, the president said. According to it, the gas price will be 70% of the exchange price and 30% will be calculated using the oil formula. “ I said we can't pay for this '', & mdash; Vucic said.

To Vucic's ambassadors, he plans to discuss gas prices and increased supplies at a meeting with the Russian president on November 25 in Moscow.

In September, Putin said that those who had concluded with Russia long-term contracts for the supply of gas, “ now they can only rub their hands and rejoice, '' because otherwise they would have to buy fuel at a higher price. '' These smart guys in the last European Commission invented market pricing for gas. And here is the result for you. But our approach is different, we also have market pricing, this price is tied to the price of oil. Nobody regulates it, the market regulates it, but fluctuations are much softer '', & mdash; said the president.

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