V Dot Nam – Mac Dre Thizzin lyrics

I’m so Cut Throat
Mac Dre Tizzlin/
Pop Another Bean
Now It’s Time 2 Make A Million/

Go Hyphy on a bitch nigga
This is how I’m livin/
Everyday all day
Fuck how you feelin/

Outside of Hollywood
Yea my niggas keep it hood/
Wit da speakers on blast
Hanging out da window ugghhhh/
Go dumb on a bitch
Slap her if da money short/
Way before ea games
Bitch I been into Sports/
Your loud ain’t loud enough
All my buds got 808’s/
When you go Against da grain
You get found in 7 lakes/
You get mercked if you hate
Unload da clip in his face/
Dat guy said he a Soulja
Ride on em in a tank/
Ain’t no limit to this master
When it come 2 servin fiends/
I roll blunts like its legal
Custo what the fuck you mean/
I had to catch the 1st body
Cuz da music pissed me off/
Now I’m in your fuckin brain
Call a nigga Microsoft/
Why you actin like you hard
But in reality yo ass is soft/
Niggas set they self up
By tellin people they a boss/
Best believe niggas shootin
When they see dat Maybach/
You ain’t bout dat gunplay
My souljaz leave yo wig crack/


What up my blood cuz
When I’m from… Da spiders loccin’/
A we posted on a track
Like dem niggas do in Oakland/
I’m livin what you Dreamin
Bitchhhh I don’t got time for hopin/
Nigga fuck detox
We keep dat Chronic leaf Smokin/
I’m on da strip aftermath
Lay it down don’t you graph/
Do it like Mac Dre
Robbin banks without da mask/
I’m cut throat nigga
We ain’t gang affiliated/
Cut you from ear 2 ear
Head and Shodaz segregated/
Niggas gon keep on hatin
Til they lose a fuckin family member/
I roll j’s so cole
Watch me burn a born sinners/
It’s hard to live in a world
Dat want you to be what you not/
Niggas say ftp
But they head bobbin 2 a cop/
Tick tick Rolex
Flava Flav’s neck watch/
Knock it out real deal
Square up its time 2 box/
Immortal tatted on da belly
Push like dat nigga ox/
From the streets to the cell
Life ain’t gon mutha fuckin stop/


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