Tokyo Jetz – Roll In Peace Remix Lyrics

I feel like i’m the new beat monster
My new name weezy weed
And I ain’t never bought no weed
Shit I thought weed was free
And I don’t really need no nigga
Imma do me for me
I thought my life was a dream
Bitch I don’t even get no sleep
Imma just switch my hoes up
I think I’m all that, my nose up
And I just got a brand new condo
And I keep a nine like Rondo
Grey hair still fuck like a Juvee
Finna text em a sign on my coochie
Kevin Gates boy you got to eat booty
Can’t record no I don’t do movies
I don’t really fuck with these rap niggas
They be all in my DM’s
Won’t say my name in no lil song
So imma act like I don’t see them
I’m on tv, tell em turn it on
Never home, bitch I’m on the road
Sniper gang the way I keep the chrome
[?] when I’m at my shows
Bitches steady tryna ride the wave
They know baby gold is on the way
[?] cuz I’m not from the A
Cousins called, he get jay paid
You ain’t real you don’t know what it is
Think I want to drop the gangster grills
I don’t know

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