Tokyo Jetz- Convo With a Main SZA Weekend remix Lyrics

You know imma keep it G right
If you don’t believe shit
Believe me right
See it’s a point when I say this
And you just got to face it
It’s prolly more like me and you in different places
And maybe, he told them it was his lady
Might have told me and I forgot
I be faded
But baby, you know I been here before
Ain’t the last time, you gone be here some more
Why you yelling in the phone, you the main bitch
It seems like you the same bitch
And you to blame bitch
Let me tell you how
Cuz you knew he wasn’t shit
You just wanted you a bag
But didn’t he have a bitch when you met him
How you mad?
And the same way you get em, how you lose em
You prolly think you winner him, but bitch you loosing
I missed the point, what you proving?
You know you ain’t the only
He ain’t stupid
See the problem with you women
I mean bitches, that you go and blame the women
No one owe you but your nigga
It figures
And that it’s called what you changed
Cuz a dog still a dog and I’m sure you know the game
He telling me to have morals but where yours at?
He walking all over you just like a doormat
Plus he had a baby on you after high school
He like bae stay down, you like I got to
See you drumming and I thought i the beginning
That you strolling throw his phone
Calling all your niggas’ bitches
You will realize that it’s all too familiar
Go girl you won you a dog ass nigga
Hello? I know this bitch ain’t hang up

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