Tiffany Hulse – Star Boy lyrics

[Verse 1]
Every time you try not to do it
You do it again
You keep finding yourself at the mouth of
The lion’s den
A tumbleweed in the middle of nowhere
Picture perfect scene
You never think twice when something has
Become just as routine
You think you’ve found a better way

Hey hey, what can you say, You know it’s foolish to throw love away
Oo oo, what can you do, Another day done, another night through
My my, preoccupied, Too stubborn to swallow your pride
Breaking hearts like they are toys, Use your status to destroy
You’re a star…boy

[Verse 2]
How many times can you slip-up
Before you fall down
A king should be used for much more than
The holder of a crown
Diamonds and jewels can make you
Moonstruck and dazed
Their sole purpose to trick and excite you
And keep you amazed
You think you’ve found a better way

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