Tiffany Hulse – Queen Of Diamonds lyrics

[Verse 1]
Welcome to the world, It’s a misguided place
Full of kind-hearted people, Hidden by their poker face
Granted everyone’s not perfect, Love is tainted, thoughts are cruel
But now if you play your cards right, You won’t wind up looking a fool

She’s always been, and she’ll always be
Glamour and glitz aren’t all their cracked up to be

She’s the Queen of Diamonds, and her
Vice is when you’re begging her to stay
She knows it’s not right, but she
Always tends to do it anyway
She had forgotten, just how
Nice having someone around felt
She doesn’t understand, the
Price of the hand that she’s been dealt

[Verse 2]
Stack the deck, make a deal, But don’t overplay your hand
Maybe love isn’t her strong suit, But soon enough she’ll understand
Put your cards on the table, Old habits prefer to die hard
Don’t get lost in the shuffle, May I present your wild card?

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