Tiffany Hulse – Orange Sunshine lyrics

[Verse 1]
I can’t think, of any other, way to say
Another day, like any other, going my way
Everything, might have a reason, a catch-22
I don’t need, no other reason, other than you

[Verse 2]
Everyday, the same old story, guess you know
Pick a path, a category, like on a game show
Such a waste, life is meant to be, impromptu
Just the same, no one I’d rather be, with other than you

And it’s you, it’s always been you, my orange sunshine
I can see, the light on your face, so hard to outshine
Oh! You lovely thing, you brighten my day
Chasing the clouds, and the darkness away, today

[Verse 3]
The drums keep, pounding their rhythm, to my brain
No better, way to overcome, the mundane
I can’t help, but have this feeling, that I do
No one, is more appealing, other than you

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