The Black Gypsy – Black Gypsy lyrics

Verse 1
My skin is dark
But that’s okay
Still a rockstar
I like myself

My voice is strong and deep
I was born to teach
I’m so hopeful
Think I’ll give it
Another try

Feel so Free
But Don’t know
If I can leave
From captivity

I’m so happy wherever I may be
Writing my songs all day long

Black gypsy
Made a man of me
Imma Black gypsy
I’ll put a spell on you

Verse 2
Living in my own world
Is pure bliss
I don’t know what I’ve missed
Or how long will I be gone
Or maybe this is just my new found home
Life already made a man of me
This life aint for the weak minded or meek

* Pre Bridge
At 15 faced my own
Hell for eternity
At 29 you’d think
I’d be doing fine
By now but this time

I think like myself
I think like myself
I think like myself

Already made a man of me
Made a man of me
Made of man of me
Since I was 15.

Stay the hell
Away from me
With negativity
Black gypsy
Light my candles all around
Yeah you can sit there
And just frown
But if you touch
You going down

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