Taysav – PBG Music Pt. 2 Lyrics (feat. Bang Da Hitta)

[Verse 1: TaySav]

Bitch we some monsters
You can catch me at East Rogers
Where them killers should have been some lawyers, businessmens or doctors
Let me start off by saying free Shotta
Niggas know big bro was a problem
f*ck 12, 24th can’t stop none
And the opps ain’t on shit, nigga stop frontin’
Until they’re all out the way I can’t stop hunting
You never did shit, nigga stop frontin’
You don’t roll with the killers, got the opps ducking
You don’t walk up on ’em with the shots bussin’
PBG we really with the street shit
If a nigga talk slick, get his [?] hit
We the sharks, don’t swim to the deep end
Cause we might leave a f*ck nigga sea sick
If the narcs snatch me up I ain’t seen shit
I ain’t worry about a thing cause I keep blicks
Post with gangmembers we be on defence
We slide on hoes and fill their mouths with semen
Foreign rides is really all I be in
ICG is who I mainly be with
We slide trough the town like we TFG ‘nem
We ride trough [?] but we probably won’t see them
R.I.P Pap ’til the day we meet again
Each and every day I just pray we meet again
R.I.P all the niggas I never see again
We never letting up
[?] them niggas can [?] again
Fell off but I’m gon get up on my feet again
Hit him in his eye, make sure he don’t ever see again
Every nigga ’round me waiting to see me win
These niggas are my brothers
Whole time we [?]

[Verse 2: TaySav]
Bitch we some monsters
Lil bitch I’m with Mr Rogers
We be out here when it’s dark, wetting niggas up like water
If not we be chasing commas
Well you better stay safe like [?]
Cause these bullets tryna harm you
You a bitch lil nigga don’t start none cause
Them killers comin’ fast for me
Bullets blast
Have Diddy do the dash with me
And it’s never gonna be quite [?] for me
Lucci’s ass like Spazz you asked for me
He come do the task with me
Teach that lil boy a lesson like a class with me
He not even gotta come back and [?] me

Cause I’m right on the side when he blasts the heat
[?] gang got the baddest [?] 3 P’z
We the ones making havoc
We the ones putting niggas in them plastic sheets
Roll up watch his ass on a plastic screen
Big D eats bullets like batteries
Smoking dead opps, roll em in a [?]
3P’z ICG that’s the family
I just hope them real niggas don’t abandon me

[Verse 3: Bang Da Hitta]

[?] the gang
Niggas better respect the name
Before I let that 50cal go bang
Let me act my name, [?] their life get changed
Motherf*cker we ain’t playing no games
And we all got blicks nigga, we all with the shits
[?] opp [?] car getting flipped
Ride trough the strip
Niggas gon’ die in this bitch
Whole lotta homicides in this bitch
Don’t cry lil bitch, nigga
You’re a lil bitch, nigga
You’re facebook woofin
You’re really be cappin
You’re ain’t doing no hits, nigga
You dont want my niggas getting mad bop out, hit you in your shit nigga
Dissin’ them 3 P’z
[?] motherf*cker out here, get hit nigga
Late night with the thots they chosin’
They tryna get with this movement
[?] they snoozin’
Swear to god these opps be losin’
My niggas don’t play, my niggas get into it
These niggas want beef, my niggas gone do it
Like I told y’all nem’, PBG music
We’re not doing no cliquing so p*ssyboy move
Before you make a nigga lose it
The weed and the pills I abuse it
Cause it make a motherf*cker cool it cause I might just do it
[?] AK start shooting turn your face to a motherf*cking [?]
PBG, stupid
Take it to the [?] like [?]
My niggas go dumb like [?]
Tay stay around with the Uzi
Right by his side there’s Lucci
It’s a homicide when they shoot
And I merch that shit on G
Got a whole hood shot for [?]
And I don’t wanna hear shit from [?]
f*ck nigga don’t wanna see me
Put a f*ck nigga on that team
You know how we rockin’ in this bitch

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