Taylor Bennett – Nobody Tell A Name (feat. Raury)

[Bridge: Raury ]
Yeah, uh

[Hook: Raury]
You don’t need to wonder if I blow
There’s alot of it
On my Koji Kondo shit, on my Koji Kondo
Technicolor platinum silver goals on my front some shit
On my Koji Kondo shit, on my Koji Kondo
This Atlanta, South Chicago flows
Yeah we run this shit
Don’t you even front bout it, don’t you even front bout it

[Verse 1: Raury]
Throw the peace sign, there’s nothing I be high
As two-pilot propeller planes
Got hella flame for the fuckboys that sell they fame
The pigs come round’, nobody tell a name
Nobody tell a name, nobody tell a name
The pigs come round’, nobody tell a name

[Verse 2: Taylor Bennett]
My bitch bought me a Gucci shirt
I’m turnt up like Lil Uzi Vert
Fuck with me you might get murk
My clique draped in all type of
For my Libra moves all types of work
My gang out here, my gang out there
Im with them hoods that you can’t go
Atlanta like my second hoe
My side bitch if we technical

[Verse 3: Raury]
No nigga this fresh you know
Dressed like a professional, turquoise on my necklace though
You be on that west and coast
Always on the dash you know, sorry I ain’t checking though
I’m just out in Texas though, meetin Texans, sext these hoes
I’m not even flexing though
It’s just my confessional, it’s just my confessional

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