Tabby – Buckwheat (White Trash Album)

I’m too sick to go play out-
Side not with the fake. Spouting
Fag to my face while pads kept in Dolces
Mouths spitting sorbet-sweet sixteens
B-day celebration. Just more sperm
Who ran a red at the exit
Chains the new nooses
Whips bump same abuse that
Slay billboards like dragon
My balls hang like Goku’s did
Newcastle cap to basket passed
Sundays in pews. Sit!
Sobered up by the wafers
Savior’s blood made him puke. Ick!
He forcing the demons out, believe he bulimic now?
His finger reach projectile. The peace: never keep it down
These squares Cheeze-Nips, two W’s, one E involved
Tabby step up to ring come-up fucks from the semen towel
Force of Katrina mixed with Luke, but he lost his head
Anxious from Mary, but Peter keep on unleashing webs
Keep up with debt like I’m Usain with two missing legs
Screaming "Sharkeisha!" beating dead steed that Tabby’s depressed
Feeling dapper though hollow, dammit
Shadows fit like wet wool, style owned ain’t Rabbit’s 8-mile, dammit
In the womb, soaked in pen ink for 9 months, dammit
Type quotes behind mom burping me; I’m cold, dammit
Minnesotan shirtless with slurpee, while snow
Pile up with who’s hurt me down my road
It’s certain my flow alerting foes like I chirped their Nextel
Dial tones when calling for God’s guidance
Don’t pick up like I don’t with my folks. I’m sorry
So why not pop doze pills
Hoping Zorro will strike the sheep hopping, still
Lost count like ya’ll without the shrill
Tick from the metronome. Bitch, drop the quill
Depression set in, sure, but jotting thoughts with skill
Blurred vision when liquor hitting my tonsils, chill
Stir another one; Khalid tolerance. Vomit, ill
As Doom coughing ’till mask drop
Best darkness like cops who kill

Hahahah! Now that is how you start a motherfuckin’ mixtape. Welcome to White Trash. Tabby has created this project to act as a window into his mind, you see. So you, the listener, can gather an understanding of how he became who he is today. He hopes you can relate to his openness while finding his witty imagery both humorous and thought-provoking. If you can’t find anything positive to take away from this experience, well, probably because you a lil’ bitch. Now sit back, grab a cold one, roll up if you need to. Do whatever your ass gotta do, bruh, and enjoy the rest of the project

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