Spiegel learns of Merkel’s office expansion following her resignation

Merkel's office after her departure from office will be expanded to nine people instead of five, as voted by the Bundestag budget committee. The Left Party considered it an excess and suspected the chancellor of intending to create a “shadow department”

Angela Merkel

Own office of acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel will expand to nine people after her departure from office, who will be paid from the budget, Der Spiegel magazine reported, citing a letter from the German Ministry of Finance.

Merkel will be provided with a head of the office with a salary of & euro; 10,412 (862 thousand rubles) and his deputy. In addition, the bureau will have two secretaries, two assistants, one office worker and two drivers. Their maintenance will be carried out by abolishing posts in the German Ministry of Defense.

As the newspaper notes, ensuring the work of the offices of the former chancellors and presidents of the Federal Republic of Germany has been repeatedly criticized. In 2019, the Bundestag's Budget Committee voted to limit the number of employees in such offices to five, as well as to limit their salaries.

Plans to set up Merkel's office also drew criticism. “ Ms Merkel has always been portrayed as a humble chancellor. Obviously over with this. The luxurious setting of your future office makes it look like you want to open the Chancellor's shadow office. Treasury Secretary [Olaf] Scholz is clearly deeply in debt to you. There is no other explanation for these excesses '', & mdash; said the deputy head of the Left Party Gezine Lötsch.

Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 (four terms), and also headed the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). She announced her resignation from office at the end of her regular term back in 2018.

On October 26, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier handed Merkel a notice of the end of her term as head of government. She will serve as Chancellor until a new cabinet is formed.

As Merkel said, she does not yet know what she will do after leaving office, but this will not be politics. According to her, while among the plans & mdash; read and sleep, and then others will come to mind. “ For many years I have been completely focused on the agenda that was given to me, and I always had to be ready. One of the tasks of the head of government is to react immediately if something happens. And now I'll see what I want to do, & raquo;, & mdash; Merkel explained.

After the resignation, the former Chancellor will receive a pension of about & euro; 15 thousand (more than 1 million rubles), Focus reported citing the calculations of the German Union of Taxpayers. As the newspaper explained, this amount is due to the long stay of Merkel in the Bundestag and the term of her service as federal minister and chancellor.

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