SOB X RBE – Anti Social

RBE, SOB that’s the gang bitch

[Verse 1: Slimmy B]
MCM backpack, lil nigga back back
Fuck where the ass at, bitch where that cash at?
Loud when we smokin’, lil dope we don’t match that
Any sucka nigga slidin’ through we can clap that
House like we runnin’ through that bitch like it’s FasTrak
Remember all them days I was broke, but I’m past that
Get the job done when I’m bustin’ I don’t back track
Hit the block with them chops out like it’s Baghdad
Shooter like Mad Max, leave a nigga stretched out
All headshots, dumb nigga put that vest down
Beat the pussy up like a young nigga fresh out
Thuggin’ with them techs out, I bring the jets out
Niggas ups on a kid, I’ll bust a nigga head
These 7.62’s knockin’ off a nigga’s dreads
Money on my mind, all I think about is bread
And tell yo’ bitch get off my dick, she keeps tryna give me head
A bunch of young niggas sick wid it like 40
350 Yeezy boost, nigga these ain’t Roshe’s
On my bag flow, I’m tryna bust down a Rollie
My son mom everything, I treat her like a trophy
Pour two fours of that yellow, no Kobe
Got OGs that’ll still shoot like Ginobili
A band for my coat like I live where the snow be
And bitch I’m from the Crest where shit gets funky, nigga

[Pre-Hook: Yhung T.O.]
And that’s why I gotta keep a ratchet, bad bitch
Work two jobs and gets taxes
Bought a new Glock, hold 30 like a plasma
All she want is two things backshots and a backrub
And oh I, oh I
I’m that nigga that will do that
You know I can’t lie
Love the way that you move that
You know I, know I get that check and run through that
Got one clip, two clips
Niggas know I keep two straps

[Hook: Yhung T.O.]
And that’s why I’m so anti anti
Can’t trust these bitches no can I, can I, oh
And I, and I always keep some shooters on standby, standby, no

[Verse 2: Yhung T.O.]
You fuckin’ with a savage
Still remember days I ain’t have shit
Everything designer, I don’t match it
A band and ten cents for these shoes if you tax it
You ain’t fuckin’ with a boss nigga
Don’t touch, don’t ask how much these cost nigga
Just know I, know I got tints so dark can’t see no eyes, both eyes

[Hook: Yhung To]
And that’s why I’m so anti anti
Can’t trust these bitches no cannot cannot, oh
And I, and I always keep some shooters on standby, standby

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