SK asked for a ban on certain actions for Roizman

The Investigative Committee asked the court in Yekaterinburg to appoint a ban on certain actions for Yevgeny Roizman. Roizman was detained in the case of discrediting the army, the article provides for up to three years in prison. The case was opened in Moscow, but a measure of restraint will be chosen in Yekaterinburg 26/756614164950263.jpeg” alt=”The UK asked for a ban on certain actions for Roizman” />


The investigation asks for a preventive measure for the ex-mayor of Yekaterinburg, Yevgeny Roizman, in the form of a ban on certain actions, RBC reported in the press service of the Verkh-Isetsky District Court.

“A petition was received from the senior investigator of the 3rd department of the investigative unit for the city of Moscow in relation to Roizman to prohibit certain actions”,— said the press service.

The court session will be held at 16:00 (14:00 Moscow time).

The case against Roizman was opened under Part 1 of Art. 280.3 of the Criminal Code (public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Russian Armed Forces), it faces up to three years in prison. As lawyer Pavel Chikov explained in the Telegram channel, this is a repeated discrediting of the army by a person previously brought to administrative responsibility under Article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. Previously, Roizman had several fines under this article.

According to Chikov, a crime under Part 1 of Art. 280.3 of the Criminal Code belongs to the category of minor gravity and a measure of restraint in the form of detention is chosen only in exceptional cases. The ban on certain actions that the UK has requested for the ex-mayor may include a different set of measures, usually a ban on using the Internet and telephone, as well as leaving the home at certain hours.

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“At the same time, a person who has committed a crime of little gravity for the first time cannot be sentenced to imprisonment. Roizman is considered not legally convicted, — the lawyer explained.

Roizman was detained the previous morning in his apartment in Yekaterinburg, searches were carried out there, the security forces took out the equipment. The ex-mayor told reporters from the apartment window that the case had been opened in Moscow. Later, his lawyer Vladislav Idamzhapov clarified that the politician would not be brought to the capital for investigative actions, he would be subject to a preventive measure in Yekaterinburg.

Roizman was the mayor of Yekaterinburg from 2013 to 2018. In April 2018, five months before his term as mayor expired, Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev canceled the direct election of the mayor. Roizman said the bill was directed “specifically against him.” In May of the same year, he resigned from his post due to the abolition of direct elections.

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