Shakey Graves – Tomorrow lyrics

I’m tired of losing
I used to win every night of the week
Yeah, back when sex and amphetamines
Were the staples of our childhood physique

You used to tell me we’d turn into something
Oh, you said life was much better than this
Yeah, but the closest I’ve come to perfection
Is when you turned around to steal a kiss

But you never trusted tomorrow
Yeah, baby is that anyway to live your life?
Well, you love this heart and this six string, girl
But they’ve been outta tune (yeah) for some time

Well, you said, “Oh, I love so many women
There’s so many women, love, driving me wild”
Yeah, they say you get lost in complexion
And the structure of a well-placed smile

But luckily you, oh, you never smile
Yeah, you, oh you, you never smile
And it looks better that way to me
Sometimes it does

But, you know, you never trusted tomorrow
Oh, baby, that’s just a problem of mine
Yeah, I’ve been thrown around by some bad ones, girl
Oh, and a good one was a new thing this time

Yeah, but you showed me that I couldn’t be farther
From the truth of the problem at hand
Oh, I could never say “baby, tomorrow
Oh, I’ll be right there!”

I’ma be your man
Yeah, oh, I’ll be your man

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