Ryan Carter – 14 & Van Dyke lyrics

[Ryan Carter]
You ever have one of those days, where you get robbed?

[The Wolf]
Yeah, I mean..

[Ryan Carter]
You know where the guy dosen’t know you
And he just comes up and robs you

[The Wolf]
I know! Shit happens!

[Ryan Carter]
Got Robbed Today!
Dang!, cash and keys you hear me?!
Swung the gun pistol-whipped my medula
I pooped! Stripped me bare
Now I’m clear out there
Ryan Carter homebro, get with the program
Say! I’m on the menu?
Trapped on 14 and Van Dyke
And the weather’s kinda crappy-like
They run outside, over to my ride, hacked the button for the alarm
I pulls the door back, he jams a gun to my fitted cap
I let go, correction.. My fingers is slippin
I’m grippin, on my ballsack straight fussin
Don’t trip, got the phone and called Nick Da Quick cussin
And so, were on the hunt, two wolves in a pack yo
Driving West on 14, were pimps now you know
His tires are muddy ya’ll, dirt on the paint ya’ll
Tank really low, so we pulls into Meijer’s
Give me 10 on six, no stupid! Only 10 cents bro
You ain’t gotta throw me out this store yo!
Ain’t got no endz, we walkin see, friends
Touched a hot chick, and got punched by her boyfriend
Slide me ya number
I see that you got a man, but not a man other than me can get arrested and
Admitted to the er
She knocked me off my feet when I smelled her
Corner of 14 & Van Dyke

Punched in the back
Kicked on top
Thrown in the streets, hear the tires screech
And to the drivers that be out there strollin
My body’s rollin
Hit the brakes when I’m on the corner

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