Rick Steffen – Parts And Labor lyrics

My old car is running rough – so I take it to the shop
I get A price – from the guy – but then I say hey stop!
I got to ask you now – why this all costs so much
He say shut up man – pull out your wallet
& don’T make such A fuss

There’S parts & labor – parts & labor
Nuthin gets done around here…
Lets make it perfectly clear
Ur $$$ will dissappear –
When you pay….. Parts and labor….

I got no girlfriend -Got no dog – & I’m gettin kinda lonely
I go down 2 the local grog -& hang out wit/ my chronies
A girl comes up & says for $500 – I’m A lovin dynamo –
I say wait A minute gal – what costs so much?

She says this is what you gotta know….
Chorus X 2
Verse 3
I keep payin taxes – while those rich folks get off free
They – be – livin large – while I’m still on my knees
My response to why I’m feelin
Like the dog end of A flea
Is listing my own write-Offs – so da tax man can see ……

There‘S…. Parts & Labor

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