Rick Steffen – Hurricane lyrics

A cool wind blows over the planet – answers to questions in the air
Where does it come from where does it go – how does it move over there
Yes there’s rain, yes there’s confusion – people running everywhere

You can feel the panic building….. Hurricane

Hurricane – did it ever enter your mind?
Hurricane – there could be debris flying
Hurricane – have you been watchin the signs?

People better watch out – for the hurricane

Tornados screachin ’round the eye – make you think about your life
Have you been good to yourself – have you been good to your wife
Have you been good to your family – have you been good to your kids
Better make it right… Before the hurricane

Chorus with

It’s commin your way….. Hurricane

Why did it head this way – why did it pick this time?
Could it be A message – from the great divine
It could wash away all the condos –
Wash the smell of money from our souls
The great equalizer…… Hurricane


Better tie up lose ends…. Hurricane

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