Rich The Kid – Lot On My Mind Lyrics

I see you. I see [?]
Haha, you dig?
I see you haters having problems
Way too many problems
Mic check, check, check, check, check, check
Check, check, check, check

[Verse 1]
Ooh, where my mic check?
These bitches, they been all at my neck (lil bitch!)
These bitches, all in my call log
You ain’t put your team on, you ain’t a boss, dog
Can’t even let these niggas close
Jealous homies set you up and now you smoke (now you smoke)
You just spent up all the money, now you broke (now you broke)
You been internet flexin’ for these hoes (hoes)
Whole lot of friends turned to enemies
Smile in my face and said they proud of me
Now they lookin’ at me like I hit the lottery
‘Cause I’m rich but bitch, you ain’t gotta lie to me
Ooh, I done watched some niggas change up
They hit for me a couple pieces, we don’t chain tuck
Too much ice, bust down, I’m still rained up
And if some niggas wanna try me, get your brain fucked
She gon’ fuck me ’cause I’m famous, post my picture up
I call Boris, that’s my driver, he gone pick you up
Couple losses but more wins, we still racked up
On the road, doin’ shows, I’m so booked up

[Vocal Break]

[Verse 2]
Ooh, Cartier on me
Made my first mil’, shit I was still hungry
Back then all them hoes, they was flexin’ on me
See me on TV, now she sexin’ on me
Got the Maybach, finna cop the Wraith on ’em
Naw, for real they gon’ hate on me
And I got your bitch been missin’, she gon’ wait on me
Told double XL I was straight on it (haha)
I’m finally rich, I knew that they would hate on me (rich!)
They ran up in the crib and had the K on me
I was slippin’, thank God that I’m livin’
‘Cause it all could’ve been different
‘Bout to put these stars in my ceiling
‘Cause my bitch straight from heaven
Rich Forever, bitch I’m in it
Get a check then I spend it

R.I.P X, man
You know what I’m sayin?
Young niggas get that bag, man
Get that bag, stay humble
Ya dig, and that’s that
Get a rack packs and back backs

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