Reh Dogg – Social Media The Lie lyrics

Yeah I see the appeal
Posting happiness with your crew with your girl
With your husband with your wife with your boyfriend
Yeah it’s not reality sooner or later it’s going to come crashing down
And there’s only one thing that can happen
Ya heard

Yeah Facebook profile yall post happiness yeah in reality you feel loneliness
Why because some of yall looking and feel so depressed yeah
They post the happiness while their life is unhappiness
Yeah some of them commit suicide just can’t cope others turn to dope
Yeah can’t take it no more so yeah they’re at the end of their rope
Yeah it’s like walking a slippery slope get in the shower don’t drop the soap
Yeah humans are not built that way yeah we can’t have one emotion
Prescription drugs is a big mistake suppressing your feelings make you fake

(Chorus) 3 times
Social media the lie

You don’t interact no more yeah even when we do still social media in play
Everyone wants to be a star outrageous things hommie you’ve gone too far
Yeah hands on the wheel and now you crashed your car
Smashed your head now you’re seeing the color red rushed to the hospital now you’re dead
Yeah eating out dinner with your man instead of socializing you’re on instagram
No wonder your man cheats around he needs to release yo know what I mean
Yeah you just don’t understand yall gone too far with the social media
Everyone was not born to be a star you’re not a star
You’re not a star why

(Chorus) 3 times
Social media the lie

All yall on Facebook Snapchat Instagram Youtube yall are not stars
Give it up

(Chorus) 3 times
Social media the lie

You were not built that way yeah you can’t expect one emotion
Prescription drugs are a big mistake suppressing these feelings are a big mistake
Hell yeah yall better wake up before you get killed

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