Ravage Red – Conclusion Drawn lyrics

[verse 1]
How many people will you turn against me?
How many ways will you make me cry?
How many lives do you think you will ruin?
How long till you die?

Black hole heart
And black-whole hate
Keep me from all things so lovely and great
Away from compassion and keep all my sins
Keep me from ever breathing again

[verse 2]
Why can’t you see now that the tables are turning?
Look as my eyes turn a new shade of grey
Oh, like the reaper, I devour your life
I want to number your days

Black hole heart
Black-whole hate
Keep me from everything

[verse 3]
You made me cold like the frost on the windows
Conclusion drawn, so I will lie in my hole
Just know that even if we’re together
You still exit alone


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