Pull up wit a stick freestyle – Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Fetty Wap – Pull up wit a stick freestyle

I’ma pull up wit a stick, yeah
With the stick, yeah
Hatin’ on me you a b*tch, yeah
You a b*tch, yeah
You not really with the shits, yeah
With the shits, yeah
I be boolin’ with my dawgs just like Micheal Vick
We ain’t beefin’ ’bout no money, it don’t make no sense
Have my d*ck all in his ..
Yeah, you know the location to my show
Paid official, we could shoot this shit fo’ show
Ayy, .. (mobbin’ nigga) versuri-lyrics.info
In New Jersey I be slidin’ on my folks (skrt skrrrt)
Ayy, I’m humble but I came from kickin’ door
So please don’t make the Zoo step out his zone (12 hundred)
Don’t make me pull up with the stick, make it hit (goddamn)
Yeah, seen yo’ b*tch on the ‘Gram, so I hit (goddamn)
Yeah, said she never had a man that was rich (goddamn)
Yeah, you should’ve told yo’ hoe to make it clap (goddamn)
Yeah, these niggas got me f*cked up I swear (f*cked up I swear)
Yeah, a nigga might get f*cked up this year (get f*cked up this year)
Yeah, nigga come down right, f*ck a b*tch (f*ck a b*tch)
Yeah, niggas in they feelings, so they sick (so they sick)
Yeah, I’m still collecting .. (money)
Still getting .. (money)
.. (money)

A song that I .. still went platinum (a million)
This is not a joke, I’m just askin’ (Zoovier)
Lawyers waitin’ in Dubai you could ask them (gang)
Still sellin’ overseas triple platinum (gang)
And hoes get on they knees when I pass them
Yeah, I’m don’t spend it three ways I just cash them
Yeah, run it like a relay I’ma pass them
Yeah, that’s a million on my neck if you ask me
Boolin’ on the jet with the cash in (Zoovie, zoovie)
Yeah, run up on me if you think I’m captain
Yeah, always got my chain come and snatch it
Yeah, and I’m really up the chain I be snappin’
Yeah, and I just hope you know I’m really with the shits
I put you ..
I’m from New Jersey that’s my word (gang gang)
We known for puttin’ niggas on the news (gang gang)
We known for takin’ out them niggas jewels (12 hundred)
We known for breakin’ all the f*ckin’ rules (12 hundred)
And you from .. lookin’ for a tool (lil’ b*tch)
.. you ain’t .. (you ain’t ..)
If you keep on reaching boy you ..
Gang, gang, gang ,ganggg.
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