“One hundred percent”: Satanovsky called the impending war between the West and Russia inevitable

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Political scientist Yevhen Satanovsky said in an interview with Ukraina.ru that the military conflict between Russia and the West is more than possible, the whole question is only in the timing of this event & nbsp; and whether nuclear weapons will be used. It is also important to understand how prepared Russian strategic systems will be, which were designed to forestall the American threat.

“ The fact that there will be war is understandable. And now no one knows when it will be, '' said Satanovsky. He noted that no one really wants war – & nbsp; this was the case with the First World War and the Vietnam War. But it is happening anyway.

At the same time, Russia should expect an escalation from several directions at once. These are Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Transcaucasia. You should even expect strikes from the North Pole. “ Attempts to drive another submarine with missiles of the AEGIS system into the Barents Sea, and so that it bombarded Russian territory, is also a reality, and a lot of what we talked about – things are real, '' says the expert.

In addition, Satanovsky believes that even the pan-Turkic project of the Great Turan, which was authored by Turkey, will be supported by the forces of the West.

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