Nyck Caution – Closed Lyrics

[Produced by Freddie Joachim]

[Verse 1: Nyck Caution]
Back in action, I’m back on that action
I can’t remember what you really askin’
All I know is I don’t even got the answers
And I ain’t tryna fit no standard of no random
In fact you’ll see me in this ring like I’m Triple H
Suck up on those titties ’til those nipples ache
My life changes ever since I made a little cake
So get a slice ‘fore I clear my fuckin’ dinner plate
I get drunk all the time, gettin’ wasted off your memories
It’s been a minute, at this pace you won’t remember me
I’ve had a hard time dealin’ with the truth drink another brew Eyes closed I can feel your energy
You told me not to wait it’s my turn now
And always pan the flame but don’t burn out
That’s where I think about the game and what I learned now
And if you didn’t teach me I don’t know how I would turn out
My girl’s dad keep on textin’ her
But she ignore that ’cause it’s regular
Remember when I use to do the same thing
Now I think it’s safe to say I learned my lesson bruh
Yeah, I guess you played your part in this story
Always there to give a spark but my heart would ignore me
I’m aware of where you are ‘fore your energy absorb it
Now there’s nothin’ that’s impossible for me
[Hook: Alex Mali]
And I tried to ease my mind
So I don’t keep my eyes closed no more
And I tried to free my mind
So I don’t keep my eyes closed no more

[Verse 2: Nyck Caution]
First show sells out, Baby’s All Right
Pops lookin’ down man your baby’s alright
I been thinkin’ crazy all night
Tryna find the pieces to this puzzle called life
I ain’t know when I would get there but I knew I would arrive
I knew you would guide me through the light
I feel you every time the sun shines on my eyes
And that’s all I can kinda describe
And it’s weird you not here anymore I find it kinda bizarre
But when I dream I can see you so you aren’t too far
Sometimes you leave who you know, you find who you are
Sometimes the pressure makes you grow into the diamond you are
Yeah, I’m still mourning from the pain
No it just gets harder anyway, at the start of everyday
I believe I’ll overcome it
I’ll find a way you encourage what I am you inspire the escape

[Outro: Alex Mali]
And I tried to free
I don’t keep my eyes closed no more