Nutrition and self-education. How to lose weight by 70 kg

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By the age of 50, Internet editor Mikhail Verny gained 206 kg of weight. And I decided enough is enough. In just a year, he managed not only to lose weight, but to lose the weight of a whole person! Next target – reach 100 kg. And then reach the ideal 80 kg.

To get fat, says Mikhail, he began from birth. Already in kindergarten, he was teased for this. At school too. He came to the recruiting station with a weight under a centner. The Soviet army for 2 years, of course, made a man out of him, he could even wear size 48 suits. But after a couple of years, there was no trace of the former article. 

Food as a form of leisure

Michael's family loved to eat. True, at the same time, my father actively played football, and my mother, in addition to work, tirelessly busied herself with the housework. But Mikhail liked to lie on the couch with a book and eat. Fortunately, my mother cooked well, and her dishes were mostly high-calorie: kharcho soup, chops, fried potatoes, dumplings. Mikhail's grandfather is from the Urals. From him, the tradition began to gather with the whole family and sculpt 1000 dumplings, and for the next few days they eat them from morning to evening. First, 15 steaming dumplings were laid out for each, and when they were eaten, the grandfather, defiantly patting his stomach, announced: “Tamped. Start the second portion. Then a third. Mikhail recalls that they sat down at the table during the day, and got up because of it closer to the night. .jpg” height=”600″ width=”356″ style=”display: block;” />

Initially, Mikhail planned to have an operation to reduce the stomach. Photo: from the personal archive of Mikhail Verny

Happy student life is over. Life has become more orderly and less riotous. Now Mikhail mostly rested at the TV on the couch, in the restaurant. The work was also sedentary, and at the same time difficult, nervous and responsible. And these two moments – physical inactivity and stress – only exacerbated the problem.

Like any overweight person, Mikhail tried to lose weight many times. Every time a new miracle cure came along, whether it was a dietary supplement or a blood type diet, he tried it and hoped. The results were, but not too noticeable and, in addition, short-lived. In addition, my head hurt, my strength left, my mood deteriorated.

But the problem needed a solution. Then Mikhail decided to resort to bariatric surgery. This operation is difficult, but it helps to lose weight dramatically. But it turned out that a person with his weight first needs to go through the preliminary stage – surgical installation of an intragastric balloon (placed for six months). Mikhail learned that with his gastritis, this is fraught with complications. I thought about it and abandoned the idea.

You can't live like this!

But health deteriorated. There were severe swelling of the legs, shortness of breath, apnea (holding the breath during sleep, dangerous for the heart and brain), hypertension, trophic ulcers, increased sugar and cholesterol levels. There is nothing to say about domestic inconveniences – bending down to tie shoelaces became impossible. However, the realization that it is no longer possible to live like this came suddenly a year ago. On the eve of the New Year, Mikhail went for groceries, slipped and stretched out right at the entrance to the store. A woman who came up to help, unable to bear his weight, also fell down next to him. A third one came up. Then Mikhail realized that if he would give his hand to him, there would already be three of them. He rolled back to the nearest bench to stand up, leaning on it, and heard after: “Where did this bun roll?” Then he thought of his mother, whom he had cared for for the last two years of her life after she broke her hip, and realized that he might be helpless, but there would be no one to look after him. Then he turned to the First City Hospital, where they treat obesity. There he was offered to take part in a weight loss project. It didn't take long to persuade him.

Cool changes

At the beginning, the plan was – lose some weight to have stomach reduction surgery. But in the end, it turned out that Mikhail lost 70 kg in a year, and so far he does not need an operation. He even inspired others with his example, and now he has followers in the group on social networks. jpg” height=”600″ width=”343″ style=”display: block;” />

But in the end, he lost 70 kg in a year, and so far he does not need an operation. Photo: from the personal archive of Mikhail Verny

I had to reduce portions and reduce the amount of fatty foods and fast carbohydrates (bread, pasta, white rice, sweets), as well as increase physical activity. A nutritionist from Pervaya Gradskaya helped develop a diet, because not everything was possible for Mikhail. Red meat, spinach, and other foods that raise uric acid levels have been banned because of gout. And because of the high creatinine, I had to limit what could have a bad effect on the kidneys (the same meat, for example). But the vegetables that Mikhail almost never ate before, on the contrary, were added. It turned out that steamed zucchini – it's even delicious. Mikhail learned to drink ordinary water. The doctor asks to drink 2.5 liters daily, until this succeeds, but at least 1.5 liters of water per day is wasted.

Our hero is lucky – he does not like flour and sweets. Restricting meat was harder, but fish, seafood, cottage cheese, and lean turkey didn't turn out so bad in the end. And considering that the size of the usual portion has decreased three times, it turns out not so expensive. Refusal of alcohol, with which Mikhail used to relax, became the biggest problem. But he managed. And my friends supported me, now they come to him for tea. 

Physical activity was also difficult. Previously, Mikhail walked to the nearest store with two stops, sat down on a bench along the way. At first he walked 700 meters a day, but every day he increased the load. Now he walks at least 5,000 steps a day.

Nutrition and self-education

Hunger and a terrible mood tormented Mikhail for the first three months. Then they gave way to sports passion. The first successes in losing weight turned out to be a real drug. But at first, losing weight was really difficult. And, as Mikhail himself admits, he would probably have quit if it were not for an innate sense of responsibility. He promised that he would participate in the program, and announced its launch publicly on social networks. There was nowhere to go.

It cannot be said that during this year Mikhail never allowed himself too much. But all these indulgences were controlled. They were approved by a nutritionist, because you can’t live on constant bans. For example, on the eve of the anniversary of a friend, our hero discussed with the doctor how to behave at a banquet. The doctor advised me to stop at 2 glasses of brut champagne (or dry wine). Since alcohol is not only high in calories, but also leads to fluid retention. The nutritionist also warned against mayonnaise salads and cold cuts. However, if you really want to, you can eat, but not much. The main thing in the diet – not prohibitions, but a sense of proportion. After all, the diet – Not a one-time action, but a way of life forever. Now Mikhail's blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol have returned to normal, the swelling of his legs has almost disappeared (the need to wear compression stockings and undergo vein surgery has disappeared). 

Advice from our hero:

  • See a nutritionist. It is important to choose the right diet and control the process. It is necessary to constantly do tests, for example, bioimpedance, in order to understand why the weight is lost: due to fat or muscles. You need to take drugs to prevent gallstones, as large weight loss increases this risk.
  • Find what you need to lose weight for. Motivation – the most important thing in losing weight. For Mikhail, the main incentive was the desire to travel, to move.
  • Turn off emotions. This strategy, which our hero learned in the army, helped him survive the first – the most difficult – months of diet. Do not give in to negative thoughts, accept your new life as a necessity. Do not feel sorry for yourself, but do what you must. Sooner or later you will get used to it. As soon as the psychological discomfort disappears, it will become easier to lose weight.
  • Don't lose hope and patience. Weight can stand for two weeks even on a strict diet, and this is normal. Lose weight – it is long, difficult, but possible.
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