Nicole Atkins – A Night Of Serious Drinking lyrics

You asked me once what good is day
When careless hearts burn so bright?
You and I are not like that legendary bird
That arises from ash
We burn and crash

You asked me once what good is love
If hurt is just around the bend?
You and I play hide and seek so very well
The game never ends
In a spell

You asked me once when will it end
These funny little ups and downs?
Every disaster that befalls you and i
Must show that we care
A pair of clowns

On a jet plane sailing through the night
I find I’m thinking of you
9 years ago was just like yesterday
You never look back
Under attack

On a jet plane sailing through the night
I guess I’m wasting precious time
Seven years ago you told me you had plans to go
You’d never come back
Shows what you know

Those were serious nights of drinking
I rest my head back on the shelf
My good name a bit to good for my own
Yeah I was naïve
So I came to believe

This jet plane lands silently still
Can’t believe I’ll be there soon
Three years ago felt like a lifetime
Those mountains we climb
In our minds

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