NATO exercises with 45 ships to take place in the Baltic Sea

Exercise Baltops 2022 will be held from 5 to 17 June, and will be attended by 14 NATO countries and partner countries Sweden and Finland, which applied to join the alliance in May

In the Baltic Sea from 5 to 17 June will be the annual NATO military exercises Baltops 2022, according to the website of the alliance. They are dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Swedish Navy.

14 NATO countries and partner states Sweden and Finland, as well as more than 7 thousand military personnel, 75 aircraft and 45 ships, including including the American aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge.

The coordination of actions will be carried out by the aviation operations control center in Uedem (Germany). The exercises will begin in Stockholm and end in German Kiel.

The NATO countries, as well as Sweden and Finland, will work out joint actions in the air, on land and at sea. These include amphibious operations, navigation operations, interception, anti-submarine warfare, mine protection, medical evacuation at sea.

The Commanders of the Air Forces of Finland and Sweden, Major General Juha-Pekka Keränen and Major General Carl Johan Edström, discussed closer integration of their Air Forces with NATO partners. In particular, they discussed the applications of Helsinki and Stockholm to join NATO, as well as the potential integration of the airspace of Finland and Sweden into the mechanisms of patrolling NATO airspace.

Before the start of the exercise, the head of the US Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, said in Stockholm that the accession of Finland and Sweden to the alliance would put Russia in a “difficult military situation,” Reuters quoted him as saying. If they enter, the coastline of the Baltic Sea, with the exception of short strips around Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg, will be surrounded by NATO countries. “Therefore, this will be very problematic for them from a military point of view and will be very beneficial for NATO,” Millie said.

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In mid-May, Finland and Sweden applied to join NATO. Turkey does not agree with this.

President Vladimir Putin at the CSTO summit said that Russia “has no problems with these states”, so their membership in the alliance does not pose an immediate threat to Russia. However, Moscow will react “appropriately” in the event of the expansion of NATO's military infrastructure on the territory of these countries, he warned.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, noted that Moscow was not going to put up with the advance of the alliance to the north of Europe. “They should not have any illusions that we will simply put up with this, as well as in Brussels, Washington and other NATO capitals. That is, the general level of military tension will increase, and there will be less predictability in this area, — said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

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