Miniminter – SIDEMEN DISS TRACK Lyrics

Sidemen? Isn’t that those [?] little British kids on the YouTube?
Ah, they’re fuckin’ wack dog

[Verse 1]
You’re called Sidemen, but why man? Y’all are kids
Shit, I don’t get this, it says men but ya side bitches
You had your moment, but notice your times slipping
I’m about to roast, then focus to find ditches
To bury you in, so many various sins
You ain’t funny but your faces hilariousness
To the YouTube community, y’all embarrassing
So fuckin’ retarded, it’s just like you’re Jerry’s kids
Need to stop thinking y’all are YouTube gangsters
When really y’all are knobs, yeah, y’all dudes wankers
But wait, first, I’ll let you know before the diss is out
Can meet me in the streets and I’ll knock you bitches out
But you did one thing [?], so I can’t be a hater, look
Your guys’ book, it makes really good toilet paper
So that was a hot sixteen but nope, I’m not done
Done wrecking you as a team, time for one by one
Like I’m sadistically cutting the fingers and toes of prisoners
You do it for the subs, I do this for the listeners
First up JJ, AKA KSI
Got a big forehead, he wears a bandanna to hide
Heard he beefed his brother, indeed they smashed
I’d make y’all a human centipede, but you love eatin’ ass
Next up Miniminter, fact also known as Simon
Just got his legs waxed, tonight I break his hymen
Your pink hair trash, like your shitty Fifa vid blogs
You’re a dumbass, that’s why your name is Real Nimrod
Next up Josh, Zerkaa bitch, this guy is a joke
I’d tell you gag on this dick, but you like being choked
You’re dirty and boring, top, you a lame and a stooge
With pubic dreadlocks, he never shaving his pubes
Let’s move onto Vik the dick, AKA Vikkstar
An Indian prick with a small dick hard
Look yo, people see your channel, bet they getting bored
You should get off YouTube and go back to tech support
Now we proceed to Ethan, Imma get in Behzinga
And give this ugly motherfucka my fist and my middle finger
You like taking pictures, I’m inside your girl on a snap
Go on you soulless ginger, go and cry about that
Next up Harry, W2S, a drug user with no friends
But got a hot sister and mom, I’d love to be screwing
Yup, weirdo fingers his bum after he’s pooing
Had sex once, loves Fortnite, but is always losing
And last we got Tobi, or should I say Tobi Jizzle
The smelly, big-nosed, virgin Christian who snivels
Gets friendzoned by girls, he ain’t making no friends
They know about yo toenails and the bag you saving ’em in

Eugh, that’s fuckin’ nasty dog
Bunch of [?] bitches
Ah, you don’t want these hands, son
Catch me in the ring
[?] little bitches out
Don’t fuck with me
G out

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