Michael Lyon – You Smile lyrics

Take your pick, any prize, so what will it be?
Oh, to hit the jackpot, and be worry-free…

Been to many places in my life ‘til now
Browsin’ a thousand faces lighting up a crowd
And asked: is that smile for me?

Cookies full of fortune, have they brought me luck?
Raised my expectations, watched ‘em self-destruct
And then, you smiled at me. Then, you smiled at me.
Filled my heart with glee

Work a lot of hours, take ‘em one by one
Time for celebrating when the job gets done
And then, you smile…
And then, then you smile at me

You might say I’m mesmerized, quite a little bit
Like the prince who found the slipper finally would fit
Surprise: you smile at me! When you smile at me
(ever so kind of you to be issuing a)
Lifetime guarantee

Wave to Mona Lisa on a gallery wall
Was it really Helen, fairest one of all?
Not when, you smile. No frown on file.
First prize: you smile at… me!

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