Aye, aye, yah yah yah yah, yah

I can’t hang with ya’ll
Ya’ll ain’t big enuff
Flippin’, whippin’, drippin’
Now we’re young and livin’
It done been a minute
Now its down to business
Now we’re young and going super saiyan
Groupies geekin’ they wanna hang
I ain’t signing a god damn thing
I be workin’ with the wave
Working on dying that’s the gang
Now these label’s callin’
I’m young and big ballin’
Now these haters fallin’
Now your girl be talkin’
Now all these haters flockin’
Every song I’m toppin’
Diamonds on me shinin’
And you know I’m grindin’
Slide up in the DM
She got a man, don’t see him
I’m in a new arena
You can’t see me I’m John Cena
I can see me, you can’t see me
Diamonds on me, Fiji
Full of money, and I’m not greedy
And my homies gon’ need me, yeah, aye

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