Livhu D – Heat Of The Moment lyrics

Verse 1
I don’t know why you can’t hear me
I’ve been screaming out, I’ve been trying too

Maybe you hope that I will give up
I’m not going, I’m not packing up

It’s all about me, and all about us
It’s not just about you and those close to you

Open your eyes and see for yourself
It is the wave of change and you will feel it too today

Let’s make a stand and push our point
We can’t let you win this time
Give me a reason to believe you
I’m here to make change your mind

Verse 2
Leave your comfort and come to my aid
I can’t let this lie, it is too important

You said you’d help me; now it’s your chance
Don’t you drag this out, we are so united.

Verse 3
Come and join us in this quest for true love
Let’s make a difference to us and where we are

Let’s do it right and let there be peace…

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