Lil B – Platinum Flame Headquarters lyrics

The Bay Area, California, where legends are made
Like I said working with Lil B the BasedGod has lead me to Berkley, California

Where’s that card at? Where’s the card that Lil B, he handed me? Oh here it goes. So I said I can’t read. Shit is… Cold and put card in to access exclusive club. Okay let me find the ATM, let’s see if this really works. Okay, 1-2, here we go. The code 4420. 420 okay that makes a lot of sense. Let’s go

Oh shit, what the fuck is this?
(Welcome to the Platinum Flame headquarters. Please step forward.)
Oh my… Damn he wasn’t lying
(I can tell this is your first time)
Uh yeah, I’m about
(You are in a exclusive club, very exclusive, extremely rare people, so congratulations.)
Yeah I’m alright
(What can I help you with?)
I wanna get Platinum Flame. The kush, the strand, and I want some music
(We can definitely help you with that and also more for your extreme pleasure. Please stop right here and press the red button)
Oh shit, why not?
(Commencing next song)

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