Konduit-Matty Wilks – Nereid lyrics

Shine, illuminate, make a move, like a tectonic plate; the ill mind-state.
You just a shrine to the greats

We runnin’ that shit back like beat ‘em in two straight, ’bout to explode and leave ‘em in my wake,
’bout to tattoo my message to ya brain cause I’m so dope I eliminate pain, eviscerating these fools with just the pen and the papes
I’m destined for the next level that it takes, but yet I’m still blessed to make it through the day;
Got my soul pouring through every single page, yeah it takes patience; I’m tryna be a sage,
But I let it knock, through the smoke haze, like can ya hear me now?

Through the stereo, shit, yo it’s so sick; behold the ultra violets that I emit, yeah, got ‘em enthused with the writ, staying true to how I live, ain’t a ruse, ain’t a goon, yo I’m real

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