“Kommersant” learned that universities have classified the data of the children of the participants of the SVO

“Kommersant”: the data of the children of the participants of the special operation entering universities were classified In the admission lists, the children of the participants of the special operation were assigned a special number that does not allow revealing their personal data

Data of applicants who enter universities according to a special quota for children of participants in a special operation in Ukraine, they were classified, Kommersant reported.

According to the publication, depending on the university, all applicants are identified by full name or SNILS number — this data is publicly available. There are exceptions: for example, in the lists of Moscow State University, applicants are indicated by the ID of the competitive application. However, the children of the participants in the special operation were assigned a special number that does not allow their personal data to be disclosed, Kommersant found out.

The universities explain that comply with the requirement of the Ministry of Education and Science, which states that this category of applicants is assigned a “unique code”. For what reasons such a decision was made, the department did not explain to the publication.

The interlocutors of “Kommersant” universities noted that they were not interested in the secrecy of the quota. And a member of one selection committee suggested: if you indicate such children by name, like other applicants, you will be able to calculate the data of their relatives who participate in hostilities.

In addition to military secrets, since last year in Russia there is also an official secret in the field of defense, recalled in an interview with the publication the managing partner of the law firm “Position of Law” Egor Redin. Such information includes almost any data that is in the plane of interests of the Ministry of Defense, but is not a military secret, he noted.

President Vladimir Putin classified data on losses during special operations back in 2015. The Order of the Ministry of Defense of 2019 separately regulates the processing of personal data of personnel of the armed forces and members of their families. “Despite the fact that information and the list of members of the families of military personnel are not military secrets, information about them may be limited and recognized as official secrets in the field of defense. Which will entail the obligation for all legal entities and individuals to restrict access to this information, — says Redin.

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