Kash Doll – Summer Sixteen Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kash Doll]
I’m out here tryna get them m’s
Yeah, all summer ‘16, all summer ‘16
And my whip so clean
And I’m getting this money like I own a football team
And my ass so fat, and my head game mean
I’m out here tryna get them m’s
Don’t make me pull up on hoes
The way that I flex on this bitches
Is like I pull up on hoes
Steph Curry with the shot
I might just pull up on hoes
And I’m your fairy boss mother
I should put pull ups on hoes
I don’t give a fuck about a hater
All I wanna do is get this paper
All I want to do is get a check
When I see a hater, see you later!
Haha, bitches be making me laugh
But you will never be Keisha
Difference is I count up the cash
I went and bought an Audi, this bitch bought a Honda
Her shoe game is broke! I’m wearing red bottoms
I’m flying first class, these bitches flying coach
My bag is Chanel, her purse came from Coach
Man get the fuck out of here!
Yeah, Ms. Twerk Something with the dance moves
Ricky Ross with the moon walk
Chief Keef with the goon talk
Young Thug with the swag shit
Getting money I’ma brag bitch!
Ri-Ri made the niggas work
Blac Chyna, I’m a bad bitch!
Yeah, I’m in a pink foreign with the roof gone
Baby cop a feel with the coupe
Hit a button now the roof on
Only fucking with the bad bitches
Only fucking with the real niggas
Middle fingers for these mad bitches
Fuck you and all your ugly friends

[Bridge: Kash Doll]
I’m so fucking tired looking on my timeline
No this gotta be said, these bitches getting all this work done
But you still ugly, you still ugly
Look at this point
Fix your weave out
Before you come for me
You know what, at this point put some respect on my name
Is she done?

[Verse 2: B. Simone]
Bitches be thinking that I worry ‘bout ‘em
Honestly I don’t give a fuck about them
Honestly I can really do without them
I took your man, pull um in his phantom
I’m tryna go vegan I’m good on the beef
Your nigga be creeping, work until you see
Bitches is fake, I don’t let ‘em leech
If I run a man, he never gon’ leave
I get my sun no astrology
These bitches they need to acknowledge me
They are my sons, not biologically
But mommy deserves an apology
I’m at the top and you can’t get on top of me
Niggas play games so I call them Monopoly
I am for sure bitch and your just a probably
Fucking with me, getting money, he gotta be
Damn, you ain’t my dude so why is you tripping (what?)
Nigga stop bitching I just let you eat up the kitten
Give me good too, and then it’s good riddens
Killing these bitches like fuck a civilian
Swear you the bomb I never heard you ticking
Bitches talk shit, and then they go missing

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