K. Michelle – Fuck Your Man

I know it was you
Calling and hanging up
Sayin’ you wanna fight me
You and I both know
You would lawyer up!

No bustin’ windows
No stabbin’ tires
I’ll just throw on
My sexiest attire
Tell him to come by
My needs are dire
Turn a cold night into a cozy fire
I should fuck your ma-a-an!

I probably wouldn’t enjoy it
I’ll probably send him back
Better be glad Mama raised me better than that!
‘Cause, ’cause if he did, he did
He would be right here
I should fuck your man!

Call it evil
Call it spite
‘Cause tonight
Call, he just might
And if I
And if I answer
Who knows?
I should fuck your man!

Since your man ain’t speakin’
You just keep right on pickin’
Something’s just not clickin’, woo!
I’m no chicken, listen
I should fuck your man!

I would, but I ain’t gonna pay that fee
You so happy but that nigga, been on every team
But still, he still not in the league
Pardon me
I should fuck your man!

But I’m better than you and him
‘Cause I don’t want nobody with four earrings
And a baby that’s not from me
Or have me hangin’ from the shower rod , recording me
I don’t wanna [?] fuck your man!

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