Joey Skelly – Megan lyrics

Flame a Molotov, and ya tell a bitch
Have a nice day, shit
Have a nice day, shit
Ain’t nobody out here fucking with my game, shit
That’s the way you play, shit
That’s the way I play, bitch (aye, aye)

I don’t like to fight, I ain’t a pacifist, I’ll pass a fist
When I spit, I move like this, there sure is no coincidence
Lot of fakes be lyin’ off they tongue, like they a basilisk
Icin’ on the cake when they be caught dead sayin’ shit

Mind over matter is the name of the prize, see
I’ve been makin’ music since ’95 on the main, sheesh
Out of womb, with singin’ pipes, enough to make the crowd scream
Makin’ all them panties drop, show me how the pussy gleam

Man got a nose bleed, chokin’ on the words
Be trippin’ on some dumb shit, shoot him in the foot, see
Man got a nose bleed, from the old trickery
Thought he’d get the last laugh, but he got a nose bleed

You swipe at me once, I swipe three times back at you
Hit ’em with a 9, twirl and drop on the avenue
S’Panni with a pipe, hit ’em up, I’m about the life
Acapulco Gold feelin’ right in my crown, like

Used to huff the paint, but now it’s og everyday
Smokin’ on the gas, gets the brain waves full of haze
Doesn’t matter how I feel, the hits will be a common place
Common fade, common trade, all help get those commas made

Everybody buyin’ up the morph and the xans, like
I’m just tryin’a step up for a bloke in the limelight
Fading out, he faded out, he can’t save all his money now
Coulda, shoulda, woulda, but he turned to blue curaçao

Money in, no money out
I’ve been makin’ clout on the beat
Haters say I’m dull, but I ain’t that avant-garde
Chain ’round my neck, watch the sleet when it comin’ out
Hold up, wait a minute, freeze, this episode I

Fuck a little bitch, innocent or not, you know what you heard
On the block, at the corner shop, where they sell the chop
Where I milly rock, where I mollywhop on a bleep
Say I won’t again, big head no bigot, I snap

When we at the club, we movin’ bands and the women like
All you have to do is buy a drink and I’m with you tonight
Play it cool, she plays with you, what else are you supposed to do
Grindin’ on the beat, lock on eyes, then your mind be like

Cocoa butter dream, bet you like your men lean
Girl your ass is really mean, bet you like to bend your knees (ya)
Pearly white teeth, on the spread, with the cheese
She a baddy in the sheets, she be wantin’ sayin’ please (ya)

Spend it at yo’ momma house, she a cougar yo, oh fo’ sho’
When she hit the flow, she goin’ get to blow
Shawty freak on a leash, take it deep, go, repeat
Always got them angles, girl, roughly bangin’ in the sheets

Catalyst, activist, I am so extravagent
No fake cheddar, I’m just countin’ what the cash is in
Fuck with me, and you’ll surely meet what I blast ’em in
No comparison, people love, Joe unanimous

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