JayteKz – Take A Shot For Me Lyrics

[Verse 1: JayteKz]
I know you still think of me because I think of you
I know you still fiend for me because I fiend for you
You were my drug
You were my love
You were my everything
When we broke up, yo I got drunk just to forget the need
I wonder if you feel my touch when he is fucking you
It hurts to know that one day you’ll fall in love with someone new
And I can’t lie to you, every night I cry for you
Every night I close my eyes and dream I’m right beside you, but that’s not the case
I gotta face the truth, cause you weren’t there for me and I was bad for you
Now I don’t know what to do
I’m stuck here all alone
And you’re with someone new while I recover on my own
See, your heart was my home, your spirit was my guide
I learned from my wrongs, soon It’s time I’ll make it right
Soon It’s time I’ll make it right, and be a better me
I’ve been holding on to everything we’ll never be

[Verse 2: JayteKz]
Yeah, I gotta let you go, that’s the truth we both know
Every time we talk, it’s like a blade that likes to cut slow
Conversations start sweet, then we both agree to meet
Then we start to make love and feel each other’s heart beats
Then we both get ideas, thinking that we’ll try again?
Hopes are getting high and we start to see the light again
But soon comes pride within, then we start asking questions
Like, “Who’s that dude you messed with?”
And, “Who’s that bitch you slept with?”
And then, both our feelings get hurt
We start pointing fingers, blaming who did what first
But, two wrongs never once made it right
So, we’re lost within our thoughts and we both start losing sight
It’s just a cycle that will never end
Maybe in another life we’re better off as friends
But, In this life?
You and I are fucking toxic!
It’s like, “I love you” and “I hate you” makes me fucking vomit
But, I can promise what I have for you is fucking real
You can fuck the world, It won’t compare to how I made you feel
Play the field all you want, you’re going to be playin’ yourself
Cause’ them bums that you fucking with go kiss and tell
And you’re gonna lose yourself, searching for my touch again
And you’re gonna bruise your heart, searching for my love again
You can’t erase your scars, baby cause you’re stuck with them
You see, I left my mark way beyond your fucking skin!
I’m in your heart, I’m in your soul, until the end of time
And when you have kids, you gonna wish that those kids was mine
And when you see their face, you’re gonna think of me
My energy, will live in you for an eternity

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