ID & OPE BELLO – I Praise You lyrics

Verse 1:
If not for you where would I be
You covered me when was in shame
You lead me on to a new sight
Now I see a meaning in my life

I’ll praise you, I’ll praise you
I’ll praise you forever, it’s all about you (x2)

Whoa!!! Whoa!!! Whoa!!!
This life, I live to praise you (2x)

Verse 2:
It’s you I am talking about
Christ you did it  all for me
Your blood speaks and fights for me
Now you make me live as,
King’s ……Chosen……child

God has done it (eh!)
So I live to praise him (eh!)
What god has promised you (eh)
He will do it (eh)
We’ll get the victory, because Jesus got it
Since Jesus did it already (eh)
We must live to praise him


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