Greg Trooper – Everything’s A Miracle lyrics

Here I am. Here I am alone again,
And that’s precisely how I wanted to be.
Up at the crack o’dawn. I’ve got so much goin’ on
There’s no room for anyone, anyone but me.
Now I’m never late, yeah I’ll make no-one wait.
Got a job to do and I’ll do it the best that I can.
She was different from me, a different philosophy.
Now I’m free to be the man I’m so sure I am.
We once walked through thunder and lightning
And we once sang a simple harmony.
And I said “Babe, oh my child, those are not miracles.”
But she said “Everything’s a miracle to me.”

My car is clean, runs like a dream machine.
My health is good, I watch what I eat and drink.
I got a point of view, yeah you know she does too.
Between us two, we couldn’t be more out of sync.
We walked through the heat of the city
‘Til the sun finally set and let us be.
And I said “Babe, whoa my child, that’s not a miracle.”
But she said “Everything’s a miracle to me.”

She loved holdin’ hands. She loved certain hard rock bands.
She loved that mean old man who lived just across the street.
I had to cut her loose, ’cause I was feeling seduced
Into thinkin’ this world is filled with magic and mystery.
She once caught the eyes of a stranger
And they smiled as they passed in the street.
And I said “Babe, whoa my child, that’s not a miracle.”
But she said “Everything’s a miracle.
Everything’s a miracle. Everything’s a miracle to me. “

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