Good cop bad cop – Ice Cube lyrics

Lyrics Ice Cube – Good cop bad cop

Good cop, good cop f*ckin’ wit that bad cop
What’cha doing boy? Turn in that blood clot
Buck shots they fly through drug spot
Robots can give a damn who the f*ck shot
Clean cop, clean cop f*ckin wit that dirty cop
Don’t act like yo a*s never heard of that
Clean cop, clean cop f*ckin wit that mean cop
Still trying act pride peacock
You know that mean cop might need detox
Mothaf*cka tried to blow me out me Rebox
But I swing like Jack and Bean stalk
Chop’em down when these b*tches try to lock’em down
Hit the ground hit the turf
Warp the earth
Cube a kidnap your mind, Patty Herst
Bust a verse that a make yo a*s hit reverse
Kill the curse that was placed on the universe
West Coast War Lord blacker then the Black Knight
f*ck a black & white when they ain’t actin’ right
Good cop, good cop filling out your report
Bad cop asking you to distort
Bad cop asking you to lie in court
Send another young brother up north
Send another young Sista off course
While them mothaf*ckas chill on the golf course.

Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop. (x2)

Lazy cop f*ckin wit that crazy Cop
Always bragging – bout the new case he got
Do or die cop with the suicide cop
Tell the truth cop wit that – “you a lie, cop!”
Are you f*ckin high cop? Don’t even try cop
Ain’t no mothaf*cka drugs up in my spot
All you find in my closet is the high top
And my mothaf*ckin tickets to the skybox
Hold up nigga, I’m a rider
You a roller yep thee controller
Make me mad that’s when I get swole up
The Incredible Hulk is bipolar
Come out the cuffs knock off the rust
Throw my hands up you still wanna bust
The Trojan horse is full of excessive force
When they try to get aggressive nigga off the porch.

Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop. (x2)

Good cop, good cop, where is your dignity?
Where’s your empathy?
Where is your sympathy?
Bad cop, where’s your humanity?
Good cop, is that just a fantasy?
Hell on that nigga, snitch on that b*tch
Truth be told, mothaf*ck the blue code
f*ck the po-po actin’ like Deebo
Already know Craig let the brick go
Black Lives Matter is not chit chatter
Cause all they wanna do, is scatter brain matter
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
A nine is terrible in your face
The mase has a terrible f*ckin’ taste
The pen is a terrible f*ckin’ place
The kings all hate the f*ckin’ ace
The judge sabotaged my f*ckin’ case
Racist motherf*cker.

Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black coppp.
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