Germany filled gas storage facilities by 75% ahead of schedule

Earlier, the German authorities adopted requirements according to which underground gas storage facilities must be filled up to 75% by September 1, up to 85% by October 1 and up to 95% by November 1

Underground gas storage facilities (UGS) in Germany are 75% full as of mid-August, Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Network Agency (BNA), said on his Twitter.

The German authorities had previously adopted requirements according to which underground gas storage facilities must be completed to 75% by September 1st, to 85% by October 1st, and to 95% by November 1st. “The goal of the first stage has been achieved. <…> Next goal— 85% by October 1,” Müller wrote.

At the same time, in an interview with the Financial Times, Müller said that Germany should cut gas consumption by 20% to avoid energy restrictions in the coming winter.

On August 5, the EU approved a voluntary 15% reduction in fuel consumption this winter. The purpose of this measure— save gas for this winter to prepare for possible disruptions in supplies from Russia, which uses energy “as a weapon,” the EU explained.

Countries— EU members agreed to reduce gas consumption by 15% compared to the averages over the past five years from August 1 to March 31, 2023. In this regard, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck announced on August 12 that in the coming autumn and winter, public buildings in Germany will be heated to a temperature of 19 degrees, instead of the usual 22.

Chapter EC Ursula von der Leyen said at the end of July that Russia “deliberately chopped off” deliveries to 12 EU countries (she did not specify which countries). She blamed the energy crisis on Moscow and urged EU countries to prepare for the worst this winter.

The Kremlin, responding to German fears that Russia would cut off gas, had previously argued that Moscow “is very, very careful about its reputation, the reputation of a responsible supplier.” The Russian side associates the situation with pumping with sanctions.

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