G-Eazy – My Next Fix Lyrics

[Chorus: Chet Baker]
I fall in love too easily
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love so easily
I fall in love too fast

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
I take a sip another sip, repeat
Continue on until I finish with this whiskey neat
I write a hitlist, take em’ down until the list complete
I get obsessed with every single gorgeous chick I meet

Yeah, uh
My liquor is the color brown
Nothin’ in my life is ever watered down
See my reflection when I’m sober and ain’t comin down
Realize im hot and cold, my mood is always up and down
That’s the life of a star, shout out my baby ’cause she gets us
I met her last week, we fell in love, now that’s my precious
Dinner up in Catch’s pretty models

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