Fre – Let’s Go Out (Be Frē) lyrics

We work all week
From nine to five
Making money
To live our lives, ooo
There must be more to life
We must party to survive

So, come – let’s go
Let’s hit the dance floor
Laugh, jump and scream
Let our hearts be frē
So, come – let’s go
Leave our problems at the door
Laugh, jump and scream
Let our hearts be frē

Let’s go out – let’s party now
Let’s go out and hit the town
Let’s go out – come dance with me
Come on, come on be frē
Let’s go out

Can’t stand to be
At work, again
So long it seems
‘Til the weekend, oh
Why can’t it be
Friday yet?
Can’t you see?
I’m ready – I’m set

Guys I want to go out tonight
Me too!
Alright – let’s do it

Let’s call Tony, Sandra, Rex
And Morgan they’re the best;
Brenda, Matt and Jenn – yes
Be frē

Call Jemima and Sierrah
Ray, Dante and the fellas
Johnny and Shiraz
I’m ready – I’m set

Call Roxy, Jay and Len
May, Nora, Jeffrey, Ben,
Manuel and all his friends
Be frē

Get Naty and Omar
Margarita – she’s a star
Yo George and his sports car
I’m ready – I’m set

©2018 August First Music (Bmi)

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